Other Projects and Initiatives

Other Projects and Initiatives

Cape Conran Cabins Redevelopment

Stage 1 – ($5.3 million). Provide interim visitor offer, develop Landscape Master Plan, restore and commence upgrading essential services and key infrastructure to provide unique, high quality visitor experiences.

Stage 2 – ($11.25 million) Deliver Landscape Master Plan, upgrade cabins, group lodge and activity centre and market attractive roofed accommodation alternative to Wilderness Retreats (e.g. Eco Pods).

Update - Funding announced 23/08/2020 for Cape Conran $7.15m – for connecting wastewater and other essential water connections to the area and construction of a bike path from (Orbost to) Marlo to Cape Conran.

The following has been funded: Insurance Rebuild Program, est. value $9 million - reinstatement and repair of assets damaged by fire, works are underway Essential Services Connections and Shared Path, confirmed project budget $13.15 million ($7.15 from BRV, and $6 million redirection from Victoria’s Great Outdoors) - connection of wastewater and potable water mains to Cape Conran, and construction of a shared use path from Marlo to Cape Conran, project currently at inception phase.

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Sailors Grave Dune Town Development

Sailors Grave Brewing (SGB) relocation & expansion, agri tourism experience and social enterprise micro-malting facility. SGB proposal is to relocate, expand and diversify the business to a greenfield site located on the coastal touring route via Cape Conran. The proposed site is ideally located adjacent to the proposed Marlo-Conran shared pathway and upgraded services link. A purpose-built circular economy farm brewery, visitor economy experience and micro malting facility will include: brewery expansion, cellar door, circular economy (CO2 capture & reuse, zero waste).

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Snowy River Bridge Redevelopment

$3.5m grant for a community-led restoration of the historic timber trestle Snowy Rail Bridge.

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Croajinglaong Coastal Walk

The development of an iconic experiencebased trail on Victoria’s Wilderness Coast, predominantly within Croajingolong National Park, offering full serviced ‘glamping’ or hutbased accommodation (partly off park), selfguided or fully supported options with tour operators. The proposal links with the destination hub proposed for Point Hicks and will include a master plan and business case; a business plan has been prepared. RDV, Parks and East Gippsland continue support this project which is the last of the 4 Walks to be developed from the 2014-24 Walk Victoria Strategy; this project is supported the Victorian Tourism Industry Council Infrastructure Victoria is considering the inclusion of the project in their priority naturebased tourism infrastructure strategy. An upgrade to the Point Hicks Rd is needed to support this project, estimated cost $10m.

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Sea to Summit

The Sea to Summit walk is currently going through market research for the development of an iconic multiday hiking nature walk experience. 

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Collective Malting Facility

Beer and spirits. Two products that Gippsland's breweries and distilleries market locally, nationally and to the world. These products are often used to tell the story of the Gippsland region and the businesses that produce them. Their key ingredient, however, isn't locally available - something that our region's brewers and distillers would like to see change. 

The Collective Craft Malting facility opportunity aims to process locally grown grain into the key building block for beers and distilled beverages: malt. Despite not being recognised for it, Gippsland grows a considerable amount of grain. Parts of the East are renowned for their world-leading corn varieties (among others) whereas cereal growers can be commonly found throughout both Central and East Gippsland. Nearly all of this grain is sold to stock feed, a commodity that commands a lower price than "malting" grade grain. This is despite trial malting batches undertaken to inform the Collective Craft Malting Facility opportunity indicating that Gippsland grown cereals are certainly suitable for malting. 

Not only would the facility provide our region's brewers and distillers with a locally-grown and processed product, bolstering their regional provenance story, but it would create new industry; provide alternative markets for growers to sell to; employ locals in a field that's experiencing high levels of growth; and encourage new thinking.

Sailor's Grave Brewing in East Gippsland, have made space for a facility to be located within their Dune Town precinct - a brewery and experiential tourism destination - located between Marlo and Cape Conran.  The GS3 team and stakeholders are working on establishing a pilot malting facility with a social enterprise structure that will contribute considerably more than just an important ingredient for the Gippsland region.

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Marlo to Conran Bicycle Path

A bike path will be constructed between Marlo and Cape Conran following the route of water and wastewater pipelines.

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Forest Park Redevelopment

The Forest Park Orbost upgrade will revitalise and modernise Orbost’s premier passive recreation area, visitor rest-stop and gateway to the Rail Trail. This will both grow local tourism by providing a destination for travellers using the Princes Highway; and provide a place for community members of all ages to gather, connect and enjoy the beautiful location and facilities. This will assist the Orbost community to recover from the 'Black Summer' fires that came on the heels of three years of drought and announcements that will see an end to the area’s native timber industry.

The works themselves will include;

  • a new toilet and amenities block,
  • increased parking,
  • an extensive adventure playground,
  • installation of a picnic area,
  • refreshing the interpretation of the gateway to the East Gippsland Rail Trail (trail head),
  • complementing the recently announced proposed $3.4M upgrade of the Snowy River Bridge
  • boosting the ‘cycling economy’ in Orbost.

The project will stimulate the local economy and provide significant community benefits to a town in transition. The project will also assist to enhance the town’s status as an ‘age-friendly town’ and attract retirees and 'tree changers' to reside in Orbost.


$1,300,000 has been granted from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications via the Regional Recovery Partnerships program. Council will also be contributing $520,000. Bringing the total project budget to $1,820,000.

Community Consultation

Community consultation through in person sessions and an online survey for feedback on the current layout of the proposed plan was completed in June 2021. We thank everyone who participated in the consultation process. Council are reviewing all feedback and will be providing responses shortly.

The detail of the playground area is being co-designed with students from Orbost Secondary College. Their brief is to “design, plan and pitch a proposal for the new Forest park playground. Playground should have elements suitable for ages 1-15”. This exciting initiative is being facilitated through the Broadening Horizons Program

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Cape Conran Boat Ramp

Better boating facilities are on the way for far East Gippsland, with concept designs drafted for future upgrades to the boat ramp and jetty at Cape Conran.

FSC Range was commissioned to provide design options for an extended ramp and longer jetty as part of the upgrade, to facilitate quicker and safer launch and retrieval.

These concepts have been presented to the community through extensive consultation, with a final concept chosen. This will now be progressed for detailed design.

Click here and here to view the final designs of the concept.

The concept designs were tested with the community in May 2021. Click the following link to view a summary of the feedback: Survey Report Card – Cape Conran

The designs consider how to best combat the build-up of sand and seagrass at the site, to reduce the frequency of maintenance and make it easier to use the ramp.

We’ll release the detailed designs for the ramp when they become available.

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Orbost Butter Factory

The Orbost Butter Factory is currently undergoing repair and renovation activities. The facility currently houses Sailors Grave Brewing, Snowy River Cycling and Adam Hardy Welding services.

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Marlo Community Hall Upgrade

$336,000 Local Economic Recovery grant to upgrade the community hall, managed by the Marlo Angling Club.

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